As the results of collaborative innovation, 20 products were presented to French Ministers Fleur Pellerin and Arnaud Montebourg at the Competitiveness Cluster Day, in Paris on the 24th of January 2014...

Philippe Vallette comments - for a sustainable management of the Ocean

"[…] it is essential to make the most of this precious gift of Nature. I encourage sustainable approaches such as COPALIS who adds value to natural richness" says Philippe Vallette, co-author of " l'Atlas de l'océan mondial " […]

Specialized in fish co-products processing and marketing,
COPALIS SEA SOLUTIONS has developed a wide range of marine ingredients
for the Functional Food, Nutraceuticals, Healthy food, Animal nutrition and Cosmetic markets
Hydrolyzed collagen protein - Fish collagen - Collagen protein - Marine collagen
Chondroitin Sulfate - Collagen and Elastin - EPA-DHA, FISH OIL - Hydrolyzed protein
Glycosaminoglycans - Salmon oil - Shark Cartilage - Keratin
Aromatic extracts - Glycemic index - Alkylglycerols shark liver oil