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Gourmet Seafood

Healthy & easy-to-use

SEAnov’ has developed a range of seafood delicatessen to answer the need for healthy aperitif, snacks, and other party food, ideal for balance diet.

  • Free from preservative and artificial flavour, mousse and rillettes contain up to 70% fish: Salmon rillettes, Salmon mousse, Pollack rillettes, Pollack mousse.
  • Based on natural ingredients only, SEAnov’ Gourmet Seafood products are also traditionally prepared; the natural flavour of fresh fish is thus enhanced. Chefs will then find it easy to create their own herbal, spicy, and other tasty recipes, natural Pollack and Salmon formula being the base of several custom recipes.
  • Packed in pouch, pastry pouch or SUP, pasteurized and sterilized products revolutionize caterers and restaurateurs task in the preparation of buffet, brunch, appetizer and cocktail party food.

The whole product range is a healthy solution to brighten up cocktail and party food such as toasts, crackers, sandwiches and verrines.