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SEANOV', French seafood specialist

With 50 years experience in the development of fish products, COPALIS introduces its subsidiary SEAnov’. SEAnov' develops seafood products for you and your customers around 3 main concepts: Eco-innovation, Gastronomy, Health & Nutrition.


With the group activity based on the sustainable management of marine resources, SEAnov’ offers tasty and nutritional innovations based on a local and sustainable sourcing:

  • Low carbon footprint seafood products
  • Mr Goodfish certification, the guarantee for  sustainable fishing and seafood consumption
  • A production plant at the heart of the first fishing port in France, Boulogne-sur-mer

Gastronomy: high quality products adapted to your needs

With 18 people dedicated to product development, a French Chef is at the head of SEAnov’ R&D team to guarantee high quality products.

Immersed in the 1st European centre for fish transformation, the versatile production unit was set up to industrially manufactured traditional seafood products such as: seafood delicatessen, soups, sauces, gravies, spreads, catering products, etc… a focus being made on traditional ingredients for clean label products.

Health & Nutrition: valuing fish nutritional benefits

Packed in pouches or SUP, the preservation process – either pasteurization or sterilization – not only helps preserve the natural flavours and the nutritional qualities of the fish, but it also allows a preservative and artificial flavour free formulation.

Thanks to the health and nutrition expertise of COPALIS team, SEAnov’ offers products that comply with the European regulation N°1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims. The nutritional value of SEAnov’ products can therefore be promoted on the packaging (rich in omega 3, proteins, vitamins, etc…).