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Bone mineralisation and joint solutions

Bone mineralisation and joint solutions - CopalisJoint and bones problems are no longer limited to the elderly. Not only they are becoming more common as life expectancies increase but they are also linked to growing number of overweight people.

This is a cause of considerable reduction of quality of life in affected individuals. Children, women, athletes, elderly: as many populations that are eager for joints and bones well-being solutions.

  • When the hyaline cartilage at the end of long bones is damaged, it is often replaced with fibrocartilage, which does not withstand weight-bearing forces so well.
  • In other cases, articular cartilage degradation results in movement limitation and pain disabilities. This has been reported to occur in more than one third of persons over the age of 65.

COPALIS ingredients are natural marine solutions to help soothe discomfort such as pain and stiffness.

They have proven efficacy in helping modulate inflammation, strengthen joints and build strong bones.

Other measures that can be taken along with dietary supplements are weight control, appropriate rest and exercise.