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Functional ingredients

Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food!”

This is what Hippocrates believed…some two and a half thousand years later, health, wellness and guilt free indulgence are key words for consumers.

But due to hectic modern lifestyles and multiple roles and responsibilities at home and at work, many consumers find it hard to eat balanced diet and demand more than a reduction in calories, fat or sugar.

In order to meet changing consumer demands, COPALIS has developed natural functional ingredients that allow manufacturers to offer a mix of indulgence and health benefits.

Science and COPALIS expertise allow the extraction of the parts of different marine sources that are identified as having specific functionality in terms of delivering health benefits. Claims for these ingredients' functionality are backed up by scientific data from reliable sources.

Weight management

Skin anti ageing

Bone mineralisation

Mood enhancer

Joint health


Collagen HM























Protein M