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Water / Copalis valuesCOPALIS is determined to improve people well-being without compromising the eco-system biodiversity.

The development and process of our marine extracts are environmental friendly and care for the marine biodiversity:

  • They are extracted from by-products that are produced by marine world related activities; they therefore fall into the sustainable management of marine resources
  • Biodegradable and biocompatible, COPALIS extracts stems from the valorisation of natural raw material
  • Extraction process used for their manufacturing is natural, gentle and solvent free
  • A water treatment plant (bioreactor and ultrafiltration) has been set up for efficient pollutant removal

Optimisation of the natural local resources, sustainable management of the environment, unique technical expertise, these are the keys of the COPALIS success in the valorisation of marine by-products.

Philippe Vallette

Oceanographer and Manager of Nausicaā, the French National Sea Experience Centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Philippe Vallette is the co-author of "l'Atlas de l'océan mondial" with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Seeing the marine living resources as the Ocean Asset, we should take advantage of its interests but never cut into this asset. It is essential to make the most of this precious gift of Nature. And I encourage sustainable approaches such as COPALIS who adds value to natural richness"

says Philippe Vallette who promotes a sustainable management of the oceans.