COPALIS SEA SOLUTIONS® are available around the world.
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COPALIS SEA SOLUTIONS® mission is to valorise the wealth of the natural marine environment as a source of constant innovation. Its team is driven by customers’ need to develop and produce marine bioactives.

Copalis Sea Solutions®COPALIS is committed to offer high quality products and services. Each segment is approached with the same stringency:

  • Human nutrition
  • Dietary supplement
  • Cosmetics
  • Animal nutrition
  • Aromatic extracts

Efforts are continuously made to ensure products conformity – from raw material, manufacturing, to packaging and distribution:

  • Raw material suppliers are COPALIS cooperators, which ensures quality and traceability of the sourcing process
  • An internal HACCP system based ensures food safety
  • Ingredients are produced under FR-62.667.123-CE and FR-62.667.125-CE sanitary agreements
  • COPALIS is steadily working towards achieving ISO 22000 certification

These steps all demonstrate COPALIS commitment to offer marine hydrolysates of the highest quality, complete traceability and conformity to the strictest standards possible.