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Port de BoulogneCTPP-COPALIS original mission was to valorise and add value to the by-products generated by fisheries in Boulogne-sur-mer, Northern France. With 300 000 tons per year of landed and processed fish, Boulogne-sur-mer is Europe's leading port for processing.

The Cooperative for the Processing of Fishery Products (CTPP) was founded in 1960 through the vision of its members - ship and filleting plants owners, food processing actors, etc...

The activity started with the production of fish meal and fish hydrolysates. In the late nineties, with the development of new technologies (fractionation and peptides isolation), CTPP-COPALIS extended its range with marine bioactives.

With 80 employees, COPALIS is now a global supplier of marine based natural ingredients to the nutraceutics, functional food, animal nutrition and cosmetic markets.

Located in the 1st European centre for the transformation, commercialisation and distribution of seafood products, COPALIS is at the heart of the marine resource; being a cooperative also allows the company to control the raw material sourcing and traceability.